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    Sony HT-RT4 600W 5.1 CH Soundbar System with Tall Rear Speakers - Black

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    Sony HT-RT4 600W 5.1 CH...

    Real surround sound: Experience 600W of 5.1ch real surround sound from a compact set-up for the ultimate movie night
    Easy set-up: Remove the clutter of the traditional Home Cinema system with this 4 compact components solution
    Simple connectivity: one easy HDMI connection to TV and instant wireless link to your smartphone with Bluetooth and NFC.

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    Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar with 2 Wireless Rear Speakers (550 W, S-Master HX, Clear Audio Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC) - Black

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    Sony HT-RT5 Soundbar with 2...

    Experience real surround sound – 5.1 channels of immersive audio with wireless rear speakers, a three channel sound bar, wireless subwoofer and two wirelessly connected rear speakers combine to deliver a realistic sound stage
    Hear every detail from six speakers, full-frequency sound from a combination of powerful wireless speakers and sophisticated technologies
    The HT-RT5 supports a wide range of wireless technologies and music streaming services, so you can connect to all your favourite songs, instantly.Compatible with high-quality LDAC, SBC, and AAC codecs, the HT-RT5 is designed for personal viewing, so you can put your headphones on to enjoy a movie on the big screen without disturbing anyone

    £599.00 £399.00
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    SWA8500S Wireless Rear Speakers Kit in Black

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    SWA8500S Wireless Rear Speakers Kit...

    2 Channel
    Wi-Fi Connectivity
    54W Power Consumption

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    TechSol TSS12 Pack of 4 Black Universal Speaker Wall Bracket 3D Sound

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    TechSol TSS12 Pack of 4 Black Universal...

    Universal Surround Sound Speaker Stands (2 Pair – 4 Stands Black)
    The height is adjustable from 640mm to 1100mm
    Cable management system through middle of stands

    £69.99 £44.99
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    Trust GXT 658 Tytan 5.1 Gaming Surround Speaker System with Subwoofer, 180 W, UK Plug, LED illuminated

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    Trust GXT 658 Tytan 5.1...

    Speaker set including wooden subwoofer with a total of 180 Watt power output
    Base-synced LED Subwoofer
    High quality surround sound with deep bass

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    Ubittek 20W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Ultra Bass Enhancement, 360 Degree Surround Sound, Over 12 Hours Playtime and Hands-Free Call, Dual Driver Outdoor Portable Stereo Wireless Speaker

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    Ubittek 20W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker...

    POWERFUL STEREO SOUND: Dual 10W Acoustic Driver and Advanced Streamline Bass Port Design deliver 20W+ loud and powerful sound, coupled with the 360-degree surrounding design. You will be impressed with the bright, crisp and clear sound and the volume of this speaker. It is the best outdoor wireless speaker for outdoor scenes such as parties, picnics and camping, and even makes the best desktop Bluetooth speaker for your meeting room, bedroom and dorm room.
    ULTRA BASS ENHANCEMENT: Streamline Bass Port Design, an advanced Ultra Bass Enhancement technology, ensures that the Speaker delivers exceptionally bright, crisp sound with clear bass. This Bass Port design makes much clearer bass possible than the Passive Subwoofer.
    ADVANCED BLUETOOTH V4.0+EDR: V4.0 ensures a fast connection to your smartphone or other Bluetooth audio devices from as far as 33 feet away. It automatically reconnects to the last paired device instantly. Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Technology greatly improved the Bluetooth data transmission rate, 3 times the ordinary Bluetooth Technology, making it possible to transfer Lossless Music to the speaker.

    £69.97 £42.97
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    UGREEN RCA Audio Cable, 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 2 RCA Phono Y Audio Splitter Cable 2m for Surround Sound,Dolby Digital, DTS,Speaker with RCA Connector ,Gold Plated, Metal 3.5mm male to 2 Cinch RCA Connector

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    UGREEN RCA Audio Cable, 3.5mm...

    3.5mm to 2 RCA cable enables you to connect an iPhone/iPad, MP3 player, smartphone or laptop with the 3.5mm Jack to Stereo Receiver,Amplifier,Speaker with 2RCA Devices. to a TV, AV receiver, amplifier, projector, radio and more with RCA connectors.
    3.5mm Jack to RCA Cable is Combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, dual-shielding, high-quality polished metal connectors and ferrite bead shielding provides superior stereo audio transmission and protection against radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI)
    3.5mm Stereo Jack to Twin Phono RCA Sockets Adapter Cable Compatible with devices with 3.5mm ports such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, Google Nexus smartphones and tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets,MP3 players for connecting to popular electronics with RCA ports such as a Bose radio, Lepai LP-2020A+ Tripath TA2020 Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier, HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver and more.

    £11.99 £5.99
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    UGREEN RCA Cable, 2RCA to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable 2m Gold Plated for Home Theater, HDTV, Gaming Consoles, Hi-Fi Systems

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    UGREEN RCA Cable, 2RCA to...

    2 RCA to 2 RCA Audio Cable is a perfect way to connect your home entertainment and audio systems, such as DVD Player,Subwoofer, Digital Satellite Receivers,AV receiver,Amplifier,Radio,Dolby Digital Receiver,DTS Decoder,Mini Disk etc.
    RCA Audio Cable are made of High Purity Oxygen Free Copper and Double Shileding for maximum signal quality and greatly reduce undesired EMI/RFI interference
    It supports all devices with an RCA audio connection such as XBOX 360, PS3,Wii, HDTV,A/V Receiver audio equipment or any equipment with L/R jack

    £14.99 £5.29
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    Wharfedale 400HT DVD Player with Home Cinema System and DAB.

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    Wharfedale 400HT DVD Player with...



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